Forty Years On: 1975-2015

In December 1975 and again in November 2015, I walked across the Peloponnese in Greece. The header image here shows my route in 1975. On this site, I’ve published some details of both journeys, including my route, excerpts from my journals, and a few photographs.

What I had taken for granted in 1975 – that I would always go on long walks in beautiful places – almost disappeared from my life as the obligations of adulthood increasingly kept me inside. But I woke up and started walking long distances again in about 2000, and a few years after that, had the idea of repeating this Peloponnesian journey 40 years after the first time.

“it seemed that every month . . I had met or heard tell of someone else setting out on a walk whose purposes exceeded the purely transportational or the simply recreational, and whose destination was in some sense sacred. Thousands of these improvised pilgrimages seemed to be occurring, often unguided by the principles of a major world religion, and of varying levels of seriousness and sanctity.”

Robert Macfarlane, The Old Ways (Penguin Group, 2012), p. 235